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The gauge and Alarm Panel your rig should have come with: Measures Engine and Transmission Temperature, Oil Pressure and Battery Voltage + Optional Items.

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Made in the U.S.A.          Patent # 4.890.088

The Digi-Panel monitors: Standard- Engine Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure, Battery Voltage and Transmission Temperature.

Optionally- Transmission Temperature at 2 points, Engine Oil Temperature, Differential Temperature, RV Battery Voltage.

Features: Loud Audio Alarm, Red Visual Alarm, Glance Reading via Green, Yellow, and Red LED Bar-graphs, High Speed & Fully Calibrated for High accuracy.
Applications: RVs (Motor homes & Pickups w/ trailers), Trucks, Boats, Industrial & Construction equipment. Works on air-cooled engines, too. 

The HIGH-TECH and totally unique INSTRUMENT & ALARM PANEL consisting of ENGINE TEMPERATURE, OIL PRESSURE, VOLTMETER, and TRANSMISSION TEMPERATURE GAUGES in a 4-gauge panel. A 3-gauge panel (no transmission temperature gauge) is available for cars / light duty applications).

The DIGI-PANEL provides the best of both analog (needle) gauges and idiot lights with the added safety of BUILT-IN ALARMS to help prevent costly engine and transmission damage or on-the-road breakdowns. An optional ENGINE-KILL feature adds further protection for when an engine is operating unattended.

Using a format of MULTI-COLOR LEDs (light emitting diodes), the solid state moving dots of light replace the needles of ordinary gauges to show the driver accurate values of various functions. When the readings are at safe values, the dots are GREEN; when questionable, they become YELLOW; and when the readings hit critical levels, the dots become RED + ALARMS. The AUDIO ALARM can be switched off after the driver has been alerted if desired. If the OPTIONAL ENGINE-KILL (designed for rigs left running unattended) switch is activated , approximately 30 seconds after any alarm condition occurs (except for low battery voltage), the engine is automatically shut down.

Each gauge consists of 10LEDs which are designed to overlap slightly to increase resolution and prevent loss of indication that would occur if the reading were between dots.

The DIGI-PANEL is constructed of solid-state components and utilizes aerospace quality CMOS integrated circuits for ultra-high reliability. The high-speed solid-state engine-temperature sensor typically measures engine temperature at the thermostat housing. The principal advantage of this approach occurs during sudden coolant loss, most often due to a ruptured hose. Normal coolant sensors cannot then function properly and engine seizure usually occurs. The possibility is enhanced that the solid-state sensor mounted on the thermostat housing will sense the temperature rise prior to engine destruction.

Extremely low power consumption- typically 0.18 amps. Fully protected from erroneous hook-up. Shock and vibration have no effect. Suitable for many custom applications. And it's made in the U.S.A.

Supplied with : Installation and operating instructions, reversible mounting bracket, temperature sensors and oil pressure sender. Installs in 2 - 3 hours for front engine application; diesel pusher MHs take a bit longer.

Actual Sizes: 4-gauge= 1 1/8"H X 3 1/2"D X 7 1/2"W. 3-gauge= 1 1/8"H X 3 1/2"d X 6"W.